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Pub Thanksgiving

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Serving 12:oo - 5:oo



Fresh Garden Salad *   ~   Classic Caesar Salad *

York Harbor Inn’s Seafood Chowder * or

Burrata Cheese with Garlic Sautéed Tomatoes

with warm crostini and fresh basil


Holiday Breads

Basket of House Made Sweetbreads


Entrée Selections

Roast Tom Turkey, sausage-cheddar stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce *


Herb Roasted Prime Rib, au jus, raifort sauce *


Seared Halibut and Lobster, beurre blanc sauce *

pan seared halibut with fresh Maine lobster meat and lemon beurre blanc sauce


Shepard’s Pie with Lentils *

French green lentils, eggplant, cremini mushrooms, tomato, aromatic vegetables and herbs

baked under a mashed potato crust.


Entrees with are accompanied with mashed Yukon gold potatoes *,

creamed spinach and maple-nutmeg butternut squash *


Holiday Dessert Buffet

Maine Blueberry Pie ~ Pumpkin Cheesecake Pie ~ Pecan Pie

Indian Pudding * ~ Flourless Chocolate Cake * ~ Fresh Berries & Lemon Curd *

Shain’s Of Maine French Vanilla Cream *



 Children under 12 ~ $19.95

Or Choose From These Selections and Enjoy Our Holiday Dessert Buffet

Hamburger ~ Our Famous Shells & Cheese ~ Grilled Cheese Sandwich   $10.95