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Unplugged at Harbor Cliffs, 1980's Dinner Menu!

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Unplugged at Harbor Cliffs and Chef Gerald Bonsey’s Special 1980’s Dinner Menu!

Weekend of April 3rd & 4th

 Remember when there was no internet, cell phones, Ipads or Alexa? Join us for an unplugged weekend at Harbor Cliffs Inn- there will be no devices allowed and no wireless internet service available. Harbor Cliff’s Fireplaced Living Room will be the focal point of the weekend where we will provide board games, cards, Trivial Pursuit, and Charades hosted by Paul Gagnon, our Guest Services Manager.

 Additionally, Chef Gerald Bonsey (0f 38 years!) will be offering a special dinner menu featuring his best of the best Dinner Menu Selections from our Menus over the last 40 years! Some Items sure to be included are Chef’s famous Brie Cheese Soup, Baked Brie, Tatnic Bay Treasure, Veal Swiss, Angel Hair Pasta with Shrimp and Scallops, and his famous Lobster Stuffed Breast of Chicken (to name a few). Chef will also be available to share stories of his early days at the Inn and what Inspired his creativity and talents.