York Harbor Inn York Harbor Inn


June 15, 2020

Dear Friends,

After being closed for over three months, we are very excited to announce we are opening this coming Friday, June 19th!

During these last few months, our staff and managers have kept in touch with each other offering support and sharing the latest information as it became available. We have remained  vigilant,  learning all we can about our challenging situation. We’ve spent much time  preparing our plan and procedures to reopen, keeping the comfort and safety of our employees and guests our number one priority.

 The State of Maine and our Hospitality Association have issued  very detailed guidelines on re-opening. Using these guidelines, we have made many changes to our operating procedures in preparing for this date. I encourage you to review our COVID GUIDELINES PAGE which summarizes what we have done and are continuing to do for the foreseeable future.  

While your safety is the most important thing, it is just as important to us that you feel and relaxed  and comfortable during your stay. We are committed to this goal and will do everything within our power to assure your experience here at York Harbor Inn is what you’ve come to expect and enjoy.

Thank you so much and we look forward to welcoming you!


The Dominguez Family and Staff